Today, ultrasonic cleaning technology find applications in endless fields. Here some of the most common fields of applications, click on image to see some examples:

Coffee machines Electronic devices Eyewear
macchina caffè scheda elettronica occhiali
Water recipient, heaters, boilers, junctions, water distributor, coffe group, various components Components and electronic cards, measure and control instruments, wafers for microprocessors manufacturing, tracking systems, optical fibre Glasses, pins, lenses, frames, screws, hinges
Heavy mechanics Jewelery, cutlery Mechanical engineering
turbocharger gioieliiposate brembo freni
Truck axles and train motor groups, diesel marine motor blocks, airplane components, turbochargers Fob chains, bracelets, medals, coins, gold, silver, cutlery, inox cutlery, amateur knives, working knives Gearshift, valves,brake blocks, brake calipers, car-moto engines, ignitors
Molds News press Pneumatics
stampo racklesrullo anilox pistoni
Molds for plastic-ABS-alluminium-rubber Anilox rollers, rackles, various trays and containers, filters Pistons, air distributor, garnishes, electrovalves
Precision mechanics Varnishing, galvanic Weapons
puntineingranaggi orologi man e pomtelaio bici armi+
Mechanical and electronic instruments, ball bearings, hypodermic needles, surgical instruments, threading dies, valves, cocks, capillary fittings in chemistry industry, ballpoint tips, nozzles, filters Handles,doorknobs, bycicle frames, sump pumps, plating, gilding Militar rifles, guns, weapons anodizing, brass shells
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