MORONI ULTRASUONI has been manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning systems since 1963. In the last five decades, we have developed great experience with all the technologies employed throughout the history of ultrasonic cleaning: from rotating generators to SCR generators, to today’s IGBT generators, from magnetostrictive transducers to the last-generation sinterized piezoelectric (PZT) ceramic elements in lead zirconate titanate and barium titanate.

Moroni’s products are so advanced that we supply generators and transducers to many companies in the ultrasonic cleaning business, as they find it more convenient and qualifying to buy these components from us and assemble them on their plants.

Due to 50 years of experience on the field, MORONI is able to make cleaning tests in the large and well-equipped laboratory and to establish which kind of cleaning cycle is the best for your particulars. The final decision will be taken only after having performed all possible tests: results and productivity tests, but also an estimate on consumption and production costs, so to avoid unforeseen drawbacks.

Our latest research showed that today any cleaning problem can be solved by using water-based detergents, thus avoiding all treatments based on organic solvents - proved to be dangerous and harmful to both staff workers and the environment. Our production is characterised by its innovative ecological value. Over 10 years ago, Moroni Ultrasuoni eliminated organic solvents from production. For very special markets, we offer a special “zero emission plant”.

Ask Moroni Ultrasuoni for competent, fair and FREE advise on how to solve your cleaning needs.

Actually, more than 1.500 MORONI ultrasonic plants are currently operating all over the world

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